Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Francis العربیه
A number of “Science and Technology Parks” have been developed in the Muslim countries as a means of stimulating start- up and growth of technologically intensive, knowledge-based businesses, and of facilitating the links between the research and industrial communities. These are typically designed to serve: as an incubating base for private sector ventures; as training base for persons with new, innovating skills; and as an experimental zone for new technologies.
Such Science and Technology Parks can be found throughout the Muslim countries. An Inter-Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP) can link these centers from Islamic countries. In terms of the technology sectors, most of the existing Science and Technology Parks of Muslim countries emphasize new and emerging technologies. According to statistics, they are engaged in Information and Telecommunications Technologies, in Biotechnologies, in Electronics and Computers, in Agro-food, in Environmental Technologies, in new materials, and in pharmaceuticals. In terms of tenants in the existing Science and Technology Parks, mostly are involved with services companies, research activities, and industrial companies.
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